RAF Personal Support and Social Work Service

Confidential Personal Support and Social Work Services for the Royal Air Force community.

The first time I have ever really talked about my problems. A brilliant service.

- RAF service user

If you’re in the RAF, as a single serving person or a family, SSAFA Social Workers and Personal and Family Support Workers are there to help when times get tough.

We know that military staff and families face some unique challenges such as regular deployments, having to live apart and frequent moves. Our team provides comprehensive and confidential support, with a special focus on services for adults, but including children, young people and their families.

Whether you or your family are dealing with stress, depression, difficult relationships, financial problems, resettlement, housing, childcare, equality issues, bereavement, military discharge or deployments, we can help.  With your consent we can liaise with local authorities and services on your behalf, whilst maintaining a client focused confidential service, that operates outside of the normal RAF chain of command.

SSAFA's RAF Personal Support and Social Work Service is only available to members of the Royal Air Force and their families.

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